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Mind The Gap

Mind the Gap is England’s largest learning disability theatre company that creates work for UK and international audiences. Their vision is to work in an arts sector where there is equal opportunity for performers with learning disabilities: a world where performers are trained, respected and employed equally, and feature every day on our stages and screens. Mind the Gap work in partnership with learning-disabled artists to deliver a bold, cutting-edge and world-class artistic programme that impacts locally, nationally and internationally. Work that excites, surprises and challenges audiences.

Their aim is to make great theatre that makes audiences think differently. By “theatre” we don’t just mean shows that you can see in arts and theatre venues, but also performances and events in different spaces and places. The Mind the Gap team includes a Board of Trustees, Staff Members, Associate Artists, Resident Artists, Ambassadors, Students and Volunteers. Mind the Gap was formed in 1988 by Tim Wheeler and Susan Brown and is based in Bradford.

ZARA London - Friday 10-5-19 ©Tim Mitchell 2019 168.jpg



Mooms Event

A Little Space

What does it mean to you to have a little space?

A little space where we can escape the world and be ourselves. Where we can say whatever we want, do whatever we feel and where no one will ever bother us.

 But it can be an unpredictable space too, where voices are funnelled away, fears leak through the floorboards, songs light up the room and you never know who’s listening behind the door.


A place where whispers come to life and one kind gesture could change everything.


Commissioned by The Space, this new version of Mind the Gap’s physical theatre co-production with Gecko offers a whole new experience to the stage version which toured theatre venues in 2019/2020. 

Available from 30-09 12:00 till 02-10 12:00

ZARA London Saturday ©Andrew Youngson 2019 110.jpg


When Eva was born, her mother wasn’t prepared for what was coming next.

Eva is no ordinary baby. Eva is a giant threat to society.

The army is called; the world’s media descend on the UK; there are protests and placards, opinions and destruction.

And there is Zara, her mother.


A mother who will defend the child she loves with all her might.


A mother against the world.


With a soaring musical score, a cast of over 100, cherry pickers, tanks, 3D projections and a mechanical, moving ‘baby’ that’s bigger than a double decker bus, ZARA is a one-off, unique experience. 


Filmed at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, London in 2019, ZARA is a giant outdoor theatre event for the whole family, which tells the epic story of one learning disabled mother and her fight to protect her baby.

Available from 12-10 12:00 till 14-10 12:00

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