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Moomsteatern is a professional theatre company based on actors with learning disabilities, on stage often integrated with non-disabled actors. The theatre was established in 1987 with the expressed goal to work with artistic objectives, banning all therapeutic and social aims. The sole aim of Moomsteatern is always to produce performing arts of high artistic quality. Seven actors with learning disabilities are employed on a full-time basis with salaries and conditions of employment based on the collective agreements relevant to the performing arts. They are trained at the national Theatre Academy and members of the Swedish Actors Guild. Moomsteatern is based in Malmö, Sweden and has been internationally celebrated for its courage and artistic integrity.




Mooms Event

The Erased

The story of The Erased unfold around a table. That everyday kitchen table known to us all, a colloquial meeting point in constant change and stagnation. Join us in a compound of burlesque theatre, circus art and visual magic, highlighted by music and an absurd sense of humour.

This is the story of a woman with a repressive family history leaving a heritage where fear and apprehension has been the driving forces. Where an inner voice has been created saying you are unwanted and unloved. But this is also the story of faith, to dare to be reliant when all you have been fed with is betrayal. Because real strength is to be able to trust again, after all trust has been broken.

Though almost stone frozen inside she carries an overpowering desire to be visible. Not to be the erased.


The Erased is a play independent of spoken language, told with visual magic, emotional music and a big chunk of liberating humour. The artistic collaboration between Jemth, Öhlund and Moomsteatern have proven to bring out all the strengths of Moomsteatern’s actors and create stage art that appeal to the emotions of the audience, much like music, poetry and dance.

Available from 02-10 12:00 till 10-10 12:00


A Silent Storm

A poetic and musical performance that gathered a diversity of actors, musicians and singers outside of the Malmöhus castle in Sweden, in June 2021.


Revolving around newly composed music from Jan-Erik Sääf, familiar songs from our childhood and poems by Homeros, Karin Boye and Lina Sandell it also included voices from our friends in Teatr 21 in Warsaw, Theater Babel in Rotterdam, Blue Teapot Theatre in Galway, Compagnie de L’Oiseau Mouche in Roubaix and Mind the Gap in Bradford. About the feeling of isolation in the eye of a silent storm and the joy of finally meeting again when a new day is dawning – and endless might our great adventure be!

Available from 06-11 12:00 till 13-11 12:00

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